Anchored by the revolutionary ARX, our local gym provides both athletes and non-athletes a safe and effective alternative to traditional workouts. By promoting the benefits of strength training, while eliminating the long-term risks, the ARX allows you to gain optimal results in just 10 minutes a week, regardless of your health or fitness level.

Allowing you to excel at your own comfort and ability, the ARX can be used to add muscle mass, rehabilitate sports injuries and avoid the risk of overuse and strain. As you grow stronger, the ARX responds with just the right amount of resistance and tension, never endangering your health or safety. Pairing innovative options for highly effective exercise with infrared saunas we provide access to both high-tech fitness equipment and state-of-the-art therapeutic recovery methods. By utilizing modern infrared technology, sauna sessions become personal therapy. Studies show that infrared saunas help users by decreasing blood pressure and inflammation, alleviating pain while detoxing the affected or traumatized areas.