ARX-machine strength workouts are substantially more targeted, more intense, and more extreme than most weight-bearing exercises people have come across in their fitness lives. As such, and if you’re doing the exercises properly, more recovery time will likely be necessary following an ARX workout than traditional weights or crossfit routines (depending on strength and fitness levels of the clients).
Clients must use each machine in accordance with the intended functions of the machines and must abide by instructions from Inner Strength Asheville staff as it relates to proper use of the equipment.

Clients must communicate with Inner Strength Asheville staff about any potential problem, pain, or discomfort experienced during a workout.

Clients who purchase multiple-session packages per week must allow as many as 3-4 days in between workouts that target the same muscle groups. Shorter time between workouts is okay only if the workouts target different muscle groups. Twice is plenty – No clients are authorized to perform three workouts within a 7-day period at any time.

Clients who exercise on the ARX Alpha or ARX Omni machines are not allowed to work out more than one time on the same day on the same muscle groups. Clients who purchase exercise packages on BOTH the Alpha and Omni are allowed to use both machines the same day; however, the exercises must target different muscle groups.

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