Inner Strength Asheville is proud to offer the most advanced sauna on the market: the Clearlight infrared sauna. These are not your parents’ saunas for sure. Decades ago, saunas were expensive in terms of the electricity they used; they were impossible to move to a new location; and over time they needed costly repairs and maintenance. Many places simply stopped including them. However, the benefits of the sauna have improved with science, and they are making a huge comeback now.

Unlike traditional saunas that would heat the room or space in which a user would occupy, infrared saunas function differently. These saunas use infrared light to produce heat inside the body of the user instead of heating the air inside a room or space. As such, the user never inhales the toxins in the air that results when you have to heat a room, or even the toxins that occur when you heat the wood time and time again. Almost anything that gets heated repeatedly will incur natural reactions to that heat and cause the user to ingest the results. Not anymore.

Most of all, the benefits of the infrared light are safer on your body and the benefits of the sauna are maximized internally. After all, not all sweat is created equal. Scientists estimate that sweat generated from an infrared sauna can expel 20-30% more toxins than the sweat from exercise. Additionally, the calories burned can measure 400-600 from one 30 minute infrared sauna session.