At first, the ARX machine may seem intimidating, especially to those who are used to going to the gym. Luckily, the trainers at Inner Strength Asheville will be there with you every step of the way. This innovative piece of workout technology monitors your movements so that you have complete control. This way of working out is not only safer, but it will also help you get a thorough workout is less time. If you are interested in learning more about the ARX machine contact Inner Strength Asheville and schedule an appointment with one of our trainers today!

In a previous post, we listed a few things you can expect when you use the ARX fitness machine, however you probably still have a few questions. In today’s post, we will tackle some of your most frequently asked questions in order to help you better understand this innovative workout machine.

What does a typical ARX workout look like?

Unlike the machines you would use at a traditional gym, the ARX machine is controlled by a computer that monitors your movements. Instead of trying to find the perfect weight, the ARX will adjust the weight for you, meaning it will never give you more than you can handle.

A typical workout is 30 minutes at most. During that time, you will be guided through a series of exercises that are designed to help you target multiple muscle groups at one time. You will only need to complete between four to six different movements because each exercise is performed at maximum intensity.

What is adaptive resistance?

The ARX fitness machine uses adaptive resistance, which is exactly as it sounds. When you perform strength training at a traditional gym, you have to adjust the weight according to how much resistance you need. With the ARX, the computer inside the workout machine will monitor how much force you are putting out and it will automatically adapt the resistance accordingly.

Is the ARX safe if I haven’t worked out in awhile?

One of the main benefits of the ARX fitness machine is that it is one of the safest ways to exercise. If you choose the wrong weight at the gym or perform an exercise incorrectly, you run the risk of sustaining some serious injuries. Because the machine keeps track of the amount of force you’re exerting, it will never push you further than you can physically go.

At Inner Strength Asheville, one of our professional trainers will always be there to guide you. Even if it’s been awhile since you last hit the gym, the ARX fitness machine is a great tool for completing a full-body workout. Sign up for a session with one of our trainers today!

What do I need for my ARX workout?

Unlike when you go to the gym, there isn’t much you will need for your ARX workout. You will want to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and allow you full body movement. With this type of workout, you won’t sweat as much as you would at the gym, however, you will still want to bring a water bottle to rehydrate during and after the session.

At Inner Strength Asheville, we also have an infrared sauna that you can use either before or after your session. In order to feel the full effects of the infrared light, you may want to wear different clothes than those you wear during your workout.

How much should I use the ARX?

At Inner Strength Asheville, we offer either a once a week membership or a twice a week membership. Working out twice a week on the ARX may not seem like enough, but you would be surprised. Because the ARX fitness machine automatically adjusts the amount of resistance, every exercise you perform is at maximum intensity. One full-body workout on the ARX machine will leave your body feeling more tired than a trip to the gym, therefore it will probably take you a few days to recover.

Can I use the ARX machine if I have an injury or I am working on rehabilitation?

Because the ARX fitness machine uses adaptive resistance, many physical therapists and athletic trainers will use it to help their athletes or patients recover from injuries. This workout machine is a great way to target multiple muscle areas and one of our trainers will help you work through any mobility issues you may have.

At Inner Strength Asheville, we’ve changed the way you work out with the innovative ARX fitness machine. For more information about our memberships or to schedule an appointment, contact Inner Strength Asheville today! We look forward to seeing you soon.