1. The Complete Guide To ARX Fit Training

    Finding the best workout routine for yourself can be a challenge, especially if you’re brand new to the world of fitness. Whether you’ve just joined a gym or you’ve been weightlifting for years, ARX Fit training can help you get the fitness results you want, and fast! At Inner Strength Ashevil…Read More

  2. Getting Started with Functional Fitness

    After our last couple of blog entries, you’re probably more than excited to get started with functional training. Here at Inner Strength Asheville, we utilize ARX technology and the ARX fitness machines to help clients achieve their ideal goals. From recovery and rehabilitation following injury to…Read More

  3. Becoming a Functional Athlete

    In our last blog entry, we gave you a quick overview of functional strength training and what it does for you and your physical goals. From ability to athletic function in a surprise situation like a pickup basketball game to the ability to pick up boxes without worrying about throwing out your back…Read More

  4. A Rundown of Functional Training

    When it comes to physical fitness, many of us are not professional athletes, even though we may feel the need to train like we are. When it comes down to being physically capable, though, squatting 700 pounds is an unnecessary and potentially highly dangerous training tactic for the everyday person …Read More