The new year is right around the corner everyone is busy making goals for 2018. The most common New Year’s resolution is to work on your physical health, however, a majority of people call it quits after one or two months. At Inner Strength Asheville, we can help you stick to your fitness goals and start the new year strong. We use the most innovative equipment to help you reach your maximum strength training potential. We offer both the ARX Alpha and the ARX Omni at our facility and we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. If you are interested in sticking with your New Year’s resolution this year, schedule an appointment online with Inner Strength Asheville today!

When it comes to working out and staying true to your fitness goals, it’s easy to find every excuse in the book not to go to the gym. In today’s blog, we will look at reasons why people lose faith in their fitness goals and how the ARX machine at Inner Strength Asheville can keep you on track.

Time Commitment

One of the most-often used excuses for not going to the gym is the time commitment. The average trip to the gym will take about 90 minutes, not including travel time. Between waiting for machines, resting between reps, and rehydrating, how much time do you actually spend pushing your body to its full potential? Not only that, but in order to feel as though you have gotten the proper amount of exercise, you will have to go to the gym two, three, or even five days a week!

The ARX machine makes working out more efficient. Gone are the days of waiting in line for a machine. When you schedule an appointment with Inner Strength Asheville, you come to our facility, do a few exercises, and leave feeling happily exhausted within 10 to 20 minutes. The ARX machine also provides a more thorough workout than traditional strength training machines, meaning your body will need a longer period of time to recover. In fact, just one workout a week delivers more results as five trips to a regular gym.

Finding the Right Weight

When you finally make it to the gym and you sit down at a machine, how do you know how much weight is enough? You don’t want to waste your time using weight that isn’t enough, but you also don’t want to hurt yourself by using weight that is too heavy. Finding the right weight is a game of trial and error and you may find yourself spending more time moving the little pin around than actually working out. 

The ARX machine offers a solution to this common problem. Instead of fiddling around trying to find the right weight, ARX machines are controlled by a computer that monitors your movements and adapts to the amount of effort you are applying to the machine. This results in a safer, and more balanced workout.

User-friendly Equipment

Workout equipment at the gym can be intimidating for those who are just starting out. In most cases, machines will have a picture describing how to properly use the equipment. However, those pictures can still be misleading or even nonexistent. Instead of spending extra money to hire a personal trainer to teach you how to use equipment, why not try a workout machine that is already easy to use?

One of the major benefits of the ARX workout machine is that it is easy to use. Whether you are a novice at working out or you are a trained professional, anyone can use the ARX machine. At Inner Strength Asheville, one of our experts will be there to guide you every step of the way!

If you have made fitness or weight loss a priority for 2018 and you are located in the Asheville area, Inner Strength Asheville can help! Don’t give up on your goal after a couple of months, with our innovative technology, we can help you stick to your goals and start seeing results!

If an ARX workout sounds like something you would be interested in trying, learn more about the benefits and our different ARX machines on our website. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with Inner Strength Asheville online or contact us at 828-785-1870 if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in the new year!