Inner Strength Asheville draws inspiration from the beautiful mountains that surround the city in every direction. The mountains energy comes from within, pushing from the inside-out throughout their entire existence, and everything they are today is a direct result of the energies that came from inside. At Inner Strength Asheville, we believe strength training should follow the same approach. Finally, it appears that modern science is focused on capitalizing on the user’s inner strength as well.

Barbells, kettle bells, heavy tires, and those machines where you pull a peg out to adjust the weight – they all have something in common. They are external to you. The benefits to your body start with the heavy object and then your body responds to that external stimulus. At Inner Strength Asheville, we use ARX, where the external factor reacts to you and the force that is generated from inside your body.  And, for the first time in history, the weight adjusts to you!

You’ve been to other gyms before.  You have to get the strength to go there.  You do a set. Rest. Stand in line for a machine. Rest. Are you using that? Wait a bit more. In the end, while you were at the gym for 90 minutes, how many minutes were you engaged in exercise – and when you were engaged, at what percentage of your effort were you engaged? Be honest… With ARX, you’ll get in and get out. You’ll do a series of workouts in about 2 minutes at maximum intensity, change exercises, and do it again. You’ll be done in 10-20 minutes, depending on how many exercises you do. It’s like maxing out – every rep. Beware, the workouts are so intense that you’ll need a little more recovery time. Gone are the three trips to the gym each week. With ARX, it’s often one and done for the week, and done in less than 20 minutes at that.

Regardless of your workout history, even if your body has had its share of bumps and bruises, remember that the ARX meets you at your level. From that moment, you control what you are capable of and the machine follows your lead, wherever you choose to go.