Dr. Jasmine Bradley:

Jasmine Bradley has a doctorate in clinical psychology/sport psychology. During her postdoctoral residency, Jasmine personally experienced the psychological and physical impact of chronic stress. Her own challenges provided the impetus for her immersion into mindfulness and acceptance based approaches to well-being. Jasmine discovered a whole new way of relating to her thoughts, emotions, sensations, and, she is dedicated to supporting others in uncovering the health, vitality, and freedom that comes from this new way of relating. As a former nationally ranked junior tennis player, NCAA All-American and national collegiate champion, and former tennis professional, Dr. Bradley knows firsthand the domain of competitive athletics and the skills necessary for success. She is also familiar with the potential for devastating bone density loss and muscle deterioration that comes with not properly fueling and recovering.  She specializes in stress and its conditions, as well as disordered eating and performance enhancement.

Steve McKellips:

Steve McKellips is a life-long weekend warrior who devoted his early adult years to recovering from the impacts of the athletic dreams of his youth. His reward for these efforts were two major shoulder surgeries and two minor knee surgeries, all since 1994. Later in life, he switched to running and logged nearly 5,000 miles, including nearly a dozen half-marathons, two full-marathons, and a 200-mile Ragnar Race in 2014. His running career ended recently with L4/L5 spinal fusion surgery in June 2016. He considers himself a walking example of the physical havoc that traditional exercise can wreak on a body over time. The need to find a way to exercise within the scope of his physical limitations, while engaging his competitive spirit for statistical results, led him to ARX and the interest in sharing this discovery with others like him. McKellips is nearly finished with his PhD in communication and rhetoric.